Hello, I'm Annabelle.


I’m a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in conscious parenting, couple and family therapy.


Raising a family is one of the most important jobs you'll ever have - as a parent, you are the catalyst for shaping the heart, mind and future of your child. 

I can help you build the confidence you need to parent and be the partner that you want to be, breaking out of old patterns and creating new ones. I will provide tools you need for a long-term solution to relationship miscommunication. I can help you feel good about your choices and learn to trust your own instincts so you can forge the relationships you most want for your family.

I honor your courage on this miraculous, demanding and enormously meaningful path. 

transform Your frustration & impatience to happiness & peace...

IS This you? You find yourself...

  • Stressed because your child is unhappy and you simply don't know how to help.
  • Struggling to stay present and connected to your child.
  • More and more disconnected from your partner as time goes on.
  • Worried you aren't doing a good enough job.
  • Feeling guilty for wanting time to yourself. 
  • Judged by others as you try to balance everyone's needs.
  • Feeling less in control or overwhelmed with parenting.

Ultimately you know you don't want to repeat certain unhealthy patterns inherited from your own childhood. You want to break the cycle but you might be feeling a little lost and are unsure where to turn for help.

I can provide a lifeline so you can boost your confidence and help your family thrive to its fullest potential.

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About Conscious Parenting

Brain science proves that the key time for brain shaping our little ones is zero to 5 years old. As parents, it’s tricky because we may be unconsciously recreating the unhealthy patterns of our own inherited issues with our kids.

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work with me

I offer a variety of ways to support you in being the kind of parent you most want to be through private therapy sessions, customized in-home consultation programs, conscious parenting training workshops, and a variety of keynote speaking topics.

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