want to parent differently from how you were raised? 

if you find yourself falling into automatic patterns i can help you break the cycle and make a fresh start.

Learn how to develop a personal parenting system you feel confident about so you can raise your family the way you want to.

You will be given specific tools to improve the bond with your child that will make negotiation and boundary setting a much smoother process. And you will receive practical advice about how to tackle problems that arise and change old communication habits that no longer serve your family. Together we will co-create an action plan based on your personal principles for how to move forward towards resolving the struggles you are facing.


  • Break the cycle of old family patterns so you can parent the way you want to.

  • Feel strong in the face of criticism from others as a result of your newfound confidence.
  • Manage other people’s expectations of you as a parent so that you can remain focused on the approach you believe is best for your family.
  • Build a secure relationship with your child that lasts for years to come by communicating with your child in a more effective way.
  • Provide consistency for your child no matter who they are with by improving communication with grandparents, caregivers and other parents at the park with differing parenting styles.
  • Get on the same page with your partner or co-parent so you can parent effectively and peacefully and model cohesion for your child.
  • Set boundaries with your children that are effective so they respect your limits and are better able to listen.
  • Move away from discipline techniques that compromise the relationship with your child so you can provide a better learning environment while building a strong relationship.
  • Repair emotions after an upset so your children learn how to resolve conflict and the parent-child bond remains protected.
  • Give your children the space to be themselves by managing your feelings around your child’s behavior and identifying your triggers as a parent.

How It Works:

The Break the cycle program includes:

Customized Parenting Plan

Weekly In-Office or Online Consultations


We will start with an initial In-Office or Online Consultation where I will listen to all the struggles, challenges and issues you are dealing with so that your needs are fully understood. 

I will then Customize a Parenting Plan specific to your family's needs and provide you with the necessary tools for you to making a fresh start. In doing specific exercises at home you'll practice building your capacity to change old communication habits and break the cycle of patterns that are no longer working. 

Through subsequent Weekly In-Office or Online Consultations I will guide you through the important changes you are making and help you streamline your efforts so that they have the most impact at home. I will also guide you through practicing new techniques for limit setting and managing your child’s emotions in a safe, supported, judgment free environment.


This is perfect for parents who are...

  • New to the conscious parenting model and wanting to learn tools, tackle specific issues, or change family dynamics.
  • Looking to create the right parenting philosophy for their family.
  • Not on the same page as each other and need help aligning their parenting approach.
  • Separated or divorced and needing a strategy for difficult co-parenting transitions.
  • Needing a strategy for difficult transitions that arise such as dealing with death or moving house.
  • Unsure how to handle a problem arising in the parent-child dynamic.
  • Dealing with a child who is having behavioral challenges at home or school.
  • Sibling challenges that you just can't resolve.
  • Aware there is an issue but unsure how to tackle it and need a fresh perspective.


Just some of the areas i can help you with:

  • Getting your child to listen to you
  • Aggression, hitting and biting

  • Throwing and other defiant behaviors

  • Tantrums and meltdowns

  • Gentle discipline vs. punishment

  • Difficulties sharing and playing with siblings or friends

  • Meal-time, bed-time and morning routine challenges

  • Power struggles

  • Getting out the house and into the car ... on time!

  • How to give consequences that work

  • Adjusting to a new baby in the home 

  • Dealing with change that causes stress in the family dynamic


The tools you'll learn specific to your children's behaviors during these key moments will help in all other areas of life such as playing in the park, going to the store, attending pre-school and interactions with friends, baby sitters and grandparents.