you've tried everything. Still Struggling to parent?

I can provide in-home tools & support to help you make changes that last.

Get practical In-Home guidance on how to establish routines and gentle discipline techniques that help transform your family life into a peaceful and happy environment.

If you are ready for your home life to go from chaotic and unstructured to balanced and consistent, let me help you achieve your goal. By establishing a new way of communicating, your family will learn to navigate the blips and bumps that all relationships go through and you will feel confident in nurturing your relationships to feel fulfilling and rewarding. 


  • Better understand what your child is communicating by finding a new way to view negative behaviors.
  • Build your confidence in your parenting approach by using tools for limit setting and handling your child’s emotions.
  • Parent in the way you want and avoid automatic parenting patterns by identifying your triggers. 
  • Reduce stress and anxiety by carving out time for self-care.
  • Enable your child to thrive by setting developmentally appropriate expectations.
  • Stay connected whilst setting limits by using specific communication tools.
  • Get your child to listen when you say 'no' by setting appropriate limits in a way they understand.
  • Provide a consistent model for your child so they can thrive by aligning your words with your actions.
  • Teach your child how to resolve conflict and reconnect by repairing after an upset in the relationship. 
  • Communicate acceptance and love to your child by making space for emotions in yourself and your child.


Here's How It Works...


Comprehensive Assessment

In-Home Observation Visits 

Customized Parenting Plan

In-Office Consultations


This comprehensive assessment involves a combination of In-Office and In-Home Visits, where I will fully understand your needs whilst observing the family dynamics and challenging behaviors first hand. 

During the In-Home Visits I will come to your home during specific transition times in order to observe the areas you are needing help with. This will help me create the exact support exercises needed for your family's transformation. 

The In-Office Consultations are a child-free zone where you can talk openly and I will listen to all the struggles, challenges and issues you are dealing with. I will help you make sense of your child's behaviors and why they are happening. 

As part of the assessment I will present to you, in person, the tools that are needed to move forward in a comprehensive Customized Parenting Plan. Tools will include ways to communicate with your children, techniques for limit setting and managing your child’s emotions and how to manage your own feelings when times are overwhelming.


Just some of the Areas I Can Help You With:

  • Getting your child to listen to you
  • Aggression, hitting and biting

  • Throwing and other defiant behaviors

  • Tantrums and meltdowns

  • Gentle discipline vs. punishment

  • Difficulties sharing and playing with siblings or friends

  • Meal-time, bed-time and morning routine challenges

  • Power struggles

  • Getting out the house and into the car seat... on time!

  • How to give consequences that work

  • Adjusting to a new baby in the home 

  • Any other situations that cause stress in the family dynamic

The tools you'll learn specific to your children's behaviors during these key moments will help in all other areas of life such as playing in the park, going to the store, attending pre-school and interactions with friends, baby sitters and grandparents.